My setup today includes a Celestron CGE mount with both a Celestron 9 1/4" SCT and a Meade 10" SN. The mount is rock solid and after owning many other marginal mounts, this one is definitely a keeper. I started with an STV and a Taurus Hyper-Camera to shoot film. I have since sold the STV and will be trying my hand at CCD with a new SBIG ST-2000 color camera.




Here are some pics of my Observatory while under construction (spring 2004)
Here are some shots of the finished product. It will always be an ongoing project. I find new things to tweak every week. If you like to observe often this is the only way to go.

A couple of views with the roof rolled back and ready for an evening of good viewing.
Pictures of the inside looking north and south respectively.

Pictures of my astrophotography setup before building the observatory. I was using a Taurus Hyper camera and STV for auto guiding. I still have the Hyper camera and use it occasionally