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This is a 30min exposure of a portion of M31 that includes the elliptical galaxy M32. Meade 10" SN with SBIG ST-2000xcm. DDP in CCDops and final processing with Photoshop.


This shot of M33 is a single exposure of 30min. Processed with DDP in CCDops and the finished in Photoshop.


Here is my first attemp at imaging with the ST-2000XCM. This the result of two ten minute exposures. Maxim DL was used to image, calibrate and combine the images (averaged). CCDops was used to color process and DDP using defaults. Final stretching was done in Photoshop..


This image was taken with a quarter moon nearby. I really needed more aperature for this one. Its cropped pretty heavy. Three 10 min exposures combined with registar and then processed in Photoshop. I used the Meade 10" SN and ST-2000XCM.
I took this image of M101 during a half moon. Two images of 10min each averaged together. This is a target I want to visit again for more and longer exposures. I'm still pleased with the results. DDP was used as well as final stretch and gradient removal in Photoshop.