1000+ - The Amateur Astronomer's Field Guide to Deep Sky Observing - 1000+ is a remarkably friendly and easy-to-read astronomical guide to the universe beyond the solar system. Meet the challenge of seeing more than one-thousand deep sky objects with the only work of its kind available today.
@geocities - The Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers Home Page - The official website of the Sidewalk Astronomers, a California non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing the stars and planets to everyday people. Telescope making and Cosmology classes taught by John Dobson.
ASTROMART: The Global Astronomy Marketplace
Amateur Observers' Society of New York
Amateur Radio Astronomy - a 5.2 meter amateur radio telescope for 1420 MHz observing is described.
Amateur Telescope Makers Association (ATMA) - members recieve the ATM Journal.
Andromeda Observatory - Fort Davis, TX - for astronomy, bird watching, photography, and sight seeing.
Antennas and Telescopes - design, development, operation, maintenance and re
Apogee Instruments - high performance astronomical CCD imaging.
Apogee Instruments, Inc. -- Digital Imaging Cameras
Arches National Park
Astro Zone - amateur astronomer with good photos of astronomical beauties like Hale Bopp & lunar eclipse.E-mail for more or e-mail listed below.
Astronomical Image Library
Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
Astronomical Sky Events
Astronomy Merit Badge BSA Montgomery County MD Scou
Astronomy Now: Breaking News
Astronomy in Japan
Astronomy pics - Pics of planets, moons, galaxies, links to good astronomy sitesA collection of Marathon maps and links
Astronomy software: Coeli - For all PC
Barbara's Astronomy Page - For beginning backyard astronomers, listing planetary positionsmoon phases, monthly constellation & mythology. Tips for beginners,meteor showers & astrophotography. Lots of links.
Beyond The Twilight Zone
Bill and Ted's Excellent Astrophotography - pictures of planets, deep sky, solar eclipses, lunar, and comets.
Blackhole Sunshine - An exploration of the cosmos through the eyes of an amatuer astronomer.
Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association
Buffalo Astronomical Association (BAA) - astronomy club web site.
Burst and Transient Source Experiment - latest news and research from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory.
CCD Astronomy - pictures of galaxies, nebulae, the moon, planets, and comets, showing that it is possible to carry out astrophotography, even when living in light polluted suburbs, if a modern CCD camera is used.
Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) - British Astronomical Association (BAA) Campaign for Dark Skies. Find out more about the CfDS, what is being done in the UK and what you can do to help save our precious skies from light pollution.
Can Gravity be Induced? - explores the possibility that the Sun induces gravity without a corresponding quantity of mass. It is a plasma in a magnetically unified state.
Comet Hyakutake (1996 B2) - picture archive.
Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 []} - An on-line activity aimed at exploring Internet resources related to the SL9 impact.
Company Seven
Connected - developing interactive real-time displays of real-time science data including earth and space programs, weather videoconferences with scientists.
Cutler of New England - maker of collectible, hand-built telescopes.
Dave's Planet Page - Tour the Solar System and Beyond. See Physics brought to life through Java code.
Deep Sky Photography - astrophotography, images, and techniques by George Greaney.
Discovery Park
Distant Suns - Sales and support of the Distant Suns Planetarium software, winnerof the 1996 HomePC Editor's Choice Award. Free downloads available.
Dr. Sky! - For the most accurate and up to date information on aerospace,aviation and astronomy, check out Dr.! Dr. Sky is an amateur astronomer based in Phoenix AZ. He is widely featured on television and radio programs around the country, and is frequently
Earth View ECLIPSE Network - comprehensive source of educational information about the history, science, and observation of eclipses, especially total solar eclipses.
Earth and Sky Homepage
EclipseChaser Home Page
Fort Wayne Astronomical Society - dedicated to the promotion of amateur astronomy and related sciences.
Gene Hanson's VSO Home Page
GrayStel Software Ltd. - Publisher of astronomy software, specifically GrayStel Star Atlas, a comprehensive planetarium-type observing guide to the night sky past, present and future.
Home Planet - Freeware to display planets and star maps.
How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope - complete plans for Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes of six, eight, and ten inch diameter objectives.
Index - Moon Shop: Moon Links
International Dark Sky Association - Building awareness of the problem of light pollution worldwide and providing YOU with the tools you need to fight it.
Introduction to Observing and Photographing the Solar System - by Parker Dobbins and Capen.
Janet's Amateur Astronomy - northern constellations, Hale-Bopp and other points of interest.
Jeff MacQuarrie's Astrophotography - images of comets, nebulae, galaxies, and star fields taken through a 16-inch Starfinder telescope.
Joe Tucciarone's space art gallery
Khan Scope Centre - new and used astronomical telescopes, accesories and binoculars.
Lands Of The Universe - Stake your claim for land on Mars. Certificates issued with your name and unique one square mile property location descriptions.
Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory - scientists and engineers who design, build, operate, and use solar and astrophysical observing instruments.
LogSat Professional - Satellite Tracking Software for Windows
Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers - we set up our telescopes for free public viewing of the planets and moons of our solar system.
MSSS Viking Image Archive
Madsci's Observatory - astronomical phenomena good for viewing, until the year 2010.
Maestronix, Inc. - telescope positionning system for all telescopes
Malin Space Science Systems Home Page
Manchester Astronomical Society Home Page
Mars Global Surveyor Project
Mountain Instruments - maker of fork and german equatorial telescope mounts. Additional services include telescope restoration and custom work.
NGC / IC Project Home Page
Naked Singularity - end of the year project for two physics students at Clackamas High.
Nature - International weekly journal of science
New Hampshire Astronomical Society - provides public viewing sessions and education.
Night Shadow - general information about objects in the solar system.
Norman Lockyer Observatory &} Planetarium - historic astronomical observatory and planetarium operated by The Norman Lockyer Observatory Society.
Northeast Florida Astronomical Society.
Parallax Instruments - custom telescopes, mounts, and mounting rings made to order with optional
Peter Augello's Astrophotography - CCD and film astrophotography, tips and techniques.
Photographic Solutions Inc. - Cleaning Soltuions - Cleaning tips/cleaning products (PEC-12) for still/digital photographers, astronomers (Crystal Clear), processing labs, graphic designers, for dust control/cleaning of critical optical surfaces (e-wipe).
Planetary Calendar Publications' Home Page - Planetary Calendars Ordering, On-line information and much more!
Planetary Postcards - Make your own digital Postcards. Chose one of our images or up-load your own. You can also add music
ProtoStar Astronomy Products - advanced engineered products for the amateur astronomer.
Puckett Observatory - features images of current comets and has images of the observatory's 25 tons of telescopes.
Puckett Observatory - specializes in photographing comets and deep sky objects. Also home of the Cometwatch program.
Quail Hollow Observatory - we are an private astronomical observatory which does research into discovering and tracking asteroids as well as monitoring the major planets. we have an extensive set of lunar and other images online.
Red Zone's Mars Page - with images, chatroom, forum, and more.
Richard Bell's Home Page - Richard Bell's Home Page is for anyone who likes astronomy. My site contains information on the Messier objects, double stars, the solar system, and a large list of links to personal home pages of astronomers.
Robert Andrew Lentz
Robert Lentz's Astro Resources
Sarnia Centre - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - holds meetings and provides information of interest to astronomers;} interested in planets, eclipses and stars.
Scientists: Nicolas Copernicus.
Sidewalk Astronomers, San Francisco - A non-profit San Francisco astronomy club that encourages and promotes public service and awareness in astronomy.
Sixth Planet from the Sun: Saturn - the planet, its rings, and its moons.
Sky Awareness Week - This National Celebration of the Sky} is held the last full week of April each year. Look up and enjoy what meteorologists and astronomers treasure! - astronomical and sky photography by Jerry Schad: eclipses, comets, star-speckled earth/sky landscapes, and more.
Solar System - intro to the sun, planets and solar system.
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report - overview of solar and geomagnetic activity. Graphical comparison of recent solar cycles, sunspots, and solar flux. Generally updated once a day.
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
South Jersey Astronomy Club - association of amateur astronomers in South Jersey
Space Time Mass - the fabric of space-time is another state of matter and hence it has equivalent mass. The missing mass of the Universe is in the space-time itself that fills the cosmos.
Stellar Products - Adaptive Optics for All Astronomers - adaptive optics for amateur astronomers, manufacturer of telescope accessories, improve photography of planets, technical information, photographs and ccd images of jupiter, saturn, venus
Surfing for Sunbeams - a hypermedia tour of our sun and how scientists are studying it.
Telescope & Binocular Center - America's #1 discount catalog of telescopes, binoculars, and accessories. Serving amateur astronomers and outdoor adventurers since 1975. Full online catalog, huge selection, same-day shipping, money-back guarantee.
Telescope Review - reviews scopes, eyepieces, binoculars, accessories, and more.
Temasek Junior College Astronomy Club - Singapore
TerraServer - repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view online or purchase.
The Antique Telescope Society Home Page
The Astrobiology Web
The Astronaut Connection
The Event Inventor by Kye's World
The Puckett Observatory
The STARS Club Home Page Has Moved!
The Secret of Creation
The Sidewalk Astronomers, San Francisco
The Silicon Sky - A site dedicated to astronomical education and resources for theamateur astronomer. Special empahsis on weather, comets and minorplanets.
The South East Kent Astronomical Society
The Space Center Online Museum and Planetarium - Online Space Museum consisting of Artifacts, Rockets, Missiles, Omnimax Theater, Sputnik, Dr. John Stapp,Astronauts, and much more.
Thousand Oaks Optical - provides solar, nebular, and H - alpha filters and eclipse viewers.
Tunguska - speculation on what caused devastation in Tunguska, Siberia in June, 1908.
Tyee Astronomy Site: Main
Unknown Moon, The - lexicon of unofficial lunar nomenclature.
Urban Astronaut
Vincent's Space Oddities Page - learn about quasars, pulsars, supernovae, and black holes.
WWW Virtual Library Astronomy and Astrophysics
Watch The Night Sky's - We are the Watchers. A group of concerned Citizens living across theUnited States attempting to document and record on Video or film solid evidence supporting the Phenomenon of Alien Visitation to our Planet
Wayne Christopher
Weasner's Meade ETX Page - the Meade ETX astronomical telescope from a user's perspective.
Welcome to Software Bisque - Software Bisque is dedicated to providing the most advanced astronomical tools for both professional and amateur astronomers.
WinOrbit Home Page
Yen, Bob
Zephyr Services on the Web
whitney's star finder - This is a window on the sky for the casual observer, for the amateur astronomer, and for the student. It will keep you up to date on the sky and space-age news.