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A meteor decided to visit my exposure this night. A single 20min rgb processed in CCDops and then finished in Maxim 4.


Single 10min exposure RGB processed in CCDops and the cropped, and stretched in Photoshop.


This is a composite of one 30min, one 15min and one 1min exposure average combined with registar. It was then processed in Photoshop. 


I took this as the sun was rising. 30min exposure ddp processed in CCDops and finish processing in Maxim Dl


This is a single 30min exposure.  RGB processed in CCDops using the auto stretch function then further processed in Photoshop.


I merged two exposures of 30min each for this section of the North American Nebulae. This is just the first part of a larger planned mosaic of this area.

NGC 7000

This image was the result of two nights of frustration with wind and guiding. Three 10 min exposures were median combined in CCDOPS and then stretched in Photoshop.


Three exposures of 15 min ea. were stacked in registar and then imported into Photoshop for levels and curves. I tried to keep the contrast down so as to not sacrifice a lot of the faint details.

NGC 6965

Two exposures of 10 min ea combined in registar and just a small amount of stretch in Photoshop. These were both taken on an exceptional night.
A single exposure of 30min using a Orion 80ED and the ST-2000xcm. CCDops and Photoshop used for processing. Taken at Cherry Springs park 10-9-04

Horsehead Flame