Images of the Venus transit of June 8 2004

I put together a short AVI file of the transit. The first frame starts @ 6:21 EDT and ends 7:26 EDT . 15 exposures from a SBIG ST-2000XCM were aligned in Photoshop and converted to BMP files. I then assembled them into an AVI with AVIquick. This was my first attempt at solar work so its a little shakey. The weather was clear and cool (which is about as rare as the transit itself here in western New York) and ironically the sun rises this time of year in the only place on my property that is not obstructed to the east with tree's.

View the animation HERE. File size is 1.5 megs.





Here are a few of the individual frames from the AVI. I'll link some higher resolution closeups of the 3rd and 4th contact soon.